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Solar Security takes security surveillance to the next level.


Solar Security takes security surveillance to the next level.  We integrate the latest in wireless long range network technology with the most advanced, high resolution  IP security cameras to develop a custom security surveillance solution for you.  Our speciality is overcoming the “power” and “connectivity” obstacle.  For a camera to work, you will need power and connectivity to the recording device (NVD/DVR).  We realize you don’t always have both available at the preferred camera location, especially when the monitored site or object is in a remote area or the perimeter of your property.  Solar Security can customize a solar power plant (SPP) to power your remote networks, security cameras, led lighting or specialty devices.

We help you take driveway cutting and ground trenching out of your installation project.  Don’t tear up that road, driveway  or parking lot just to get your security cameras up and running.  Our expert technicians and solar engineers will design a closed circuit wireless campus on your facility, property or building.  The new high resolution security camera system will operate on that independent network free of any interferrence.  A lack of traditional grid power is not a  problem as our select megapixel IP cameras and equipment will operate on our custom solar power plant (SPP).  Solar Security gets you surveillance where you want it.

Public Safety is gaining greater attention at public outdoor events and schools.  Locations such as public parks, baseball fields, fairgrounds and large parking lots lack the infrastructure and power requirements to support traditional analog security cameras.  We specialize in solar networking, remote security and perimeter security.  Solar surveillance can now deliver onsite and perimeter security at these venues using (high resolution)  IP security cameras, not (low resolution) analog cameras.  Our mobile trailers can be setup for special events security to aid law enforcement personnel during these outdoor events or our security cameras can be pole mounted for a permanent installation.

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